Welcome to the Tool Library

The Southeast Seattle Tool Library is a non-profit organization where you can borrow tools for home maintenance, woodworking, gardening, and creative projects of all kinds. Tools are borrowed for a week at a time. This website lets everyone browse our tool collection and allows members to see what tools they have checked out. 

How to join:

For detailed information about the organization, including how to become a member, please see our main site at setools.org, send us an email, or just drop by and chat with our friendly volunteer tool librarians and we'll get your membership set up on the spot!

How we operate:

Borrowing Tools

  • Only volunteers are allowed inside the library.
  • Come to the table outside of our North garage door and request tools from a staff volunteer, who will bring the tools out to you.
  • Tools cannot be reserved. When we tried reservations on a limited basis, too many folks just didn't show up.
  • Tool loans are for a week at a time.
  • You will receive an automated email reminder a few days before tools are due back.
  • You can request renewal for tools by responding to the automated email, and we’ll let you know the tools you’re borrowing are in high demand. The popularity of tools varies by season and in unpredictable spikes.
  • Tools can be used at the tool library during Wednesday and Saturday open hours, preferably by appointment.

Returning Tools

  • Tools can only be returned during open hours. 
  • Do not leave tools outside the tool library when it is closed. They will likely disappear long before we open!
  • Please send an email if you would like to extend your tool loans.

Tool Donation Guidelines

Tool Wish List (updated May 20, 2024)

Not exhaustive by any means, with links to some examples. Please send email before bringing large individual tools or large quantities of tools, to make sure we have room to take them:

Tool Inventory

Click the Inventory link above to browse our awesome tool collection - you don’t need to be a member to look around. You can also search for a specific tool in the Search Inventory box at the top right. Can't find the tool you need? Send us an email!

Tool Library Gift Certificates and T-Shirts

Give friends and family a gift they can use all year - a membership to the tool library! Purchase an attractive gift certificate at the tool library or send us an email and we can mail it to a local address with some fascinating literature describing our purpose and hours. Your gift is tax deductible and keeps the doors open at this wonderful community resource. Or just spread the word to let folks know we're here. Many people have never even heard of the tool library concept and are thrilled when they learn about it. So go ahead - make someone's day! We also have a limited number of t-shirts available - send us an email or ask the staff volunteers for details when you stop by.